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Efficient daily IT operations and management define the difference between growth and stagnation

ISLE's LeanIT is a manufaturing practice that focuses on better synchronisation and automation of an organisation's IT supply chain processes like scheduling or production.

ISLE's LeanIT addresses the crucial characteristic of any successful IT department or supplier in being able to provide customers with desired services where and when they are needed.

ISLE's LeanIT also addresses the increasingly important aspect of supplier relationships and management in a world of globalised services and cloud computing.

ISLE's LeanIT leverages our comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the business of IT to assist our clients in the optimisation of their IT operations.

ISLE's LeanIT helps IT organisations thrive in supply chain optimisation practice by enacting best practices with the right systems and the right people, to deliver what is needed, when and where it is needed, just in time for immediate utilisation by end customers.

Management advisories

Staffing ratios and trends

Personnel costs typically represent the largest single budget line item in the IT organization. Effective IT management requires effective personnel management. ISLE helps you establish IT staffing ratios and metrics to evaluate IT headcount levels, justifying increases in IT staff, improving recruiting and retention processes, and managing IT employee relations.

Setting a sourcing strategy

ISLE assists you in establishing the optimal sourcing strategy per IT functions: application development, application maintenance, data centre operations, database administration, desktop support, disaster recovery, help desk, IT security, network operations, as well as web and e-Commerce operations.

IT management best practices

ISLE assists you in adopting the best practices found within the best run IT organisations on such topics as: IT chargeback practices, project management office (PMO) adoption, measuring user satisfaction, practical ITIL for daily running of the business, and the ever increasing importance of IT strategic planning.

Cost of use — ROI/TCO of the 21st century

ISLE has field-developed assets to assist you in measuring the total cost of ownership of a capital investment, the total cost of use of commodity components and the return on investment that can be expected. Our systematic approach ensures that all types of assets, resources and activities required to own, lease or operate an investment are put under detail scrutiny. We help you tune such investments to recover theirs costs with a financial or other measure of positive gain for business.

We need enhanced project and delivery cost structures and management while meeting our customers need for better and faster product availability.

IT management advisories

ROI and TCO programmes
Dynamic infrastructures
Service catalogues
Cloud automation
Risk management

Main mandates

IT PMO & projects
IT consolidation
IT automation
IT speding & staffing
IT technology roadmaps
IT right sourcing
IT best practices