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Time has come for IT to really be a commodity

The purpose of the shop is to bring to the Swiss and European SMB market the full range of IT services and products usually restricted to the larger organisations.

This is a two-faced challenge. The IT industry is traditionally organised around projects and services, often custom made, carved to fit individual purposes, and rarely, if not never, optimised in their financial model for mass delivery. And as a direct consequence of the project mode, handling and staffing costs, from inception to sales, are often too high.

Obviously the on-going and accelerated consumerisation of on-demand and cloud computing have helped our IT industry to standardise and automate their factory, their back office. But that level of industrialisation, in its ability to bring added value directly in the hands of its customers, is still far behind that of other industries such as the car or travel industries.

With the Shop, ISLE extends the industrialisation models of the latter industries to the IT, bringing it to the customer; as for the garment industry, through the Shop, customers can not only purchase traditional custom made offerings, but also ready-made off-the-shelf solutions that are available to all budgets, irrespective of the organisation's size, from the micro-enterprise and startup upwards.

Our engagement with the Shop is to make available those new technologies which are still the appanage -- and hence the competitive differentiator, of the larger organisations. In the times of the Concorde or the smartcard, there was big latency between innovation and its widespread use. Today, this is no longer the case. And we will make it happen for the IT industry.

At times of financial uncertainty on the Old Continent, ISLE also inteends the Shop to be a financial aid for local economies, so that each and everyone can focus on their core business while being able to rely on an efficient and performing IT tool that can grow and shrink continuously as the organisation adapts to its market.

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