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ISLE aims to be your trusted advisor and your innovation partner

At ISLE, we help our clients transform IT operations into commodity services, transition into on-demand IT consumption, and build high-quality service catalogues of lower cost commodity IT directly available to business.

ISLE is proud to be the trusted innovation partner of its clients. We continuously strive to set the pace on the industrialisation of commodity IT for company of all sizes, primarily the small and medium size businesses. We focus on making available to the smaller size companies those IT capabilities that were, and still often are, the appanage of the Fortune 100's of this world.

ISLE is equally proud to be the trusted local representative of more and more larger IT organisations as these re-shuffle their world distribution, centralise their operations, and as a consequence have less presence and effectiveness on the Old Continent. Through this partner ecosystem, we are a regional actor with a massive world-ready catalogue.

ISLE invents a new company profile and offering: the IT services courtier. A blend of IT services and of IT brokering, with that unique differentiator of helping out our clients and their customers throughout the IT life-cycle from initial investigations and strategy setting, to daily engineering and running of the business, through solutioning, procurement logistics, and supply chain management.

ISLE is an IT services company specialised in computer and data processing engineering. Our computer engineering capabilities are focused on dynamic infrastructures and workplace automation, including 3D and robotized environments. Our data processing engineering capabilities are centered around knowledge and skills management, including business intelligence and learning systems.

ISLE is an IT courtier that not only advises on the purchase of commodity services, but also takes responsibility for enacting and running those services -- a mixture of IT brokering and IT sourcing capabilities that allow for real commodity consumption of IT services. A unique offering to transform the IT industry and end the `gold rush' for one-of-a-kind costly and customer specific implementations.

ISLE has cross-industry knowledge and experience, ranging form aerospace and defense, to intellectual property and trademark management, through commodity trading, finance, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, press and publications, retail, and watchmaking.

ISLE concentrates three decades of best practices and hands-on experience of its consultancy practice in its \PulsIT IT services catalogue. It focuses on strategy and planning, transition and transformation, as well as IT engineering and application innovation.

ISLE's IT brokering services catalogue -- Think agile!, is organised by domain and combined with domain-specific consultancy capabilities in addition to pay as you go on-demand capabilities.

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In a world of globalisation, proximity is our key differentiator

ISLE is and will remain a regional actor always within immediate proximity of our clients. Our current operations are ISLE Suisse (Nyon & Geneva, Switzerland) and ISLE France (Lyon, France). There are ongoing plans for further representations in Switzerland (Lausanne & Neufchatel) and in France (Grenoble).

We have back-office operations with ISLE Serbie (Belgrade, Serbia) for nearshoring and ISLE Etats-Unis (Florida, USA) for channel partnerships.