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We make available in our Bazaar a wide range of elementary IT products and services. IT specialists with rapidly find here all IT and related products and services applicable to both physical and cloud infrastructures, be they in Switzerland or Europe, or hosted on a public cloud such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft.

Under a same brand, with a single contract, and on a single bill, IT specialists can combine the offerings of multiple third parties to build IT solutions that fit their purpose and budget. ISLE provides a unique contact and a single interface for sales and billing, as well as for after-sales support and maintenance services.

Our service levels (SLA) can accomodate the most constrained environments, such as those of real time industries or those of the financial services sector.

IT specialists can rely on the Bazaar's wide range of quality products and robust services, be they specialised in infrastructure and delivery services, consulting and advisory services, or application innnovation services.

The Bazaar offers IT organisations the elementary and complementary components needed to build solutions, without having to invest upfront in preparation, education and learning curves, and downstream in maintaining non-essential technologies or services.

We also intend to make the Bazaar an exchange platform for IT specialists organised in communities of expertise that concentrate and share knowledge and field experience. A focal point for cooperation on the catalogue of available components.

All IT is our moto for the Bazaar; the more IT organisations promoting their products their, the broader the range of services and the effectiveness of the catalogue to meet demands of all natures adapted to our local Swiss and European markets. Feel free to contact us.

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