• 1st commodity IT provider
  • ISLE Shop
    Turn-key all-in-one solutions
    On-demand, pay as you go
    Proudly assembled in Switzerland
  • ISLE Market
    On-demand expertise
    Pre-configured building blocks
    Ready to use functional blocks
  • ISLE Bazaar
    Professional managed services
    Managed ITIL delivery
    Cloud hosted & on-premise

ISLE takes commodity step one step further the Shop. The first supermarket of professionnal IT services. Your IT off the shelf with a turnkey contract, all options included, for a three or five years duration, and no upfront investment. Commodity IT. Time has now come, one can purchase those IT services and solutions which were previously only available to the largest organisations without having to invest in expensive IT departments with their cohort of equipment, staff, and recurring costs.

The shop targets organisations of all sizes, large and small. But our goal is to allow pervasive use of new technologies to all the small and medium size organisations, and even to micro organisations and startups. In current times where we all strive to do more with less -- specifically on the Old Continent where organisations struggle to survive, we intend to be their preferred IT partner; our flexible portfolio of solutions allowing them to focus exclusively on their core business.

The shop also targets IT professionals, be they domain specialists or solution integrators. The shop allows those specialists to unite their portfolio and skills, and sell combined solutions under a single contract. It is both a bazaar where IT specialists will find all necessary IT components, and a marketplace where integrators can combine such componants into packages, products and services.


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