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Modern cars are the assembly of many parts from many different suppliers. Modern IT solutions are the same. And as in the medical world, we group under IT a vast range of skills and expertise that a unique provider, however big it may be, cannot cover. The Market bridges that gap.

The objective of the Market is to provide to IT integrators an easy platform to select and rapidly assemble point ready-to-use packages. These could be managed services to host or operate a dynamic IT infrastructure, be it physical or virtual. These could also be delivery services to further support IT and related operations with, for example, a 24x7 multi-lingual help desk.

Using the shop's own infrastructure for sales, administration and operations, IT integrators can solely focus on building practical and functional solutions for their target markets while using the multi-vendor Bazaar to select necessary componants. Their outcome being sold on the Market through a unique contract to the customer, with all vendors appearing on the same bill.

Through the Market, IT integrators can make their packages available to other IT professionals, be they service companies or the IT department of consumer organisations. They can further package their offerings into full blown and certified solutions directly accessible on the ISLE Shop.

The distinction between a package available on the Market and a solution sold on the Shop is a difference in scope. Solutions go through ISLE's quality assurance programme to ensure that they can be used by anyone, with no specific IT knowledge or background, and that all components and services for off-the-shelf purchase and turn-key consumption.

Any registered IT integrator can combine packages into ready-made solutions. ISLE will assist them to facilitate the establishing of contracts, execution frameworks, after-sales services, and in setting up a high quality single contract offering for our consumers.

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