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Who are we? ISLE Consultants

ISLE Consultants is focused on the SMB market — While big organisations have dedicated staff and departments, as well as the investment capacity to purchase best-of-breed technology solutions, the IT industry industry as a whole still fails to support and bring innovation capabilities to the small and medium size organisations, let alone the very small companies and startups. At ISLE, we are dedicated to the SMB market.

ISLE Consultants is focused on the Swiss market — While the globalisation trend has concentrated IT environments in massive data centers, thus also concentrating the skills and IT staff. we believe that as opposed to most multinational organisations today, particulary in the IT space, we focus on proximity. Our intent is be and remain a medium size business focused on the pain points of our local.

ISLE Consultants, established in 1984, is a multinational corporation with our activities in Switzerland and in France, but also in Serbia and United States. Serbia is a shoring and staging platform. The United States are a channel representation only.

ISLE Consultants has a long track of innovation, mainly in Europe and North America. ISLE staff have engineered (and manufactured) products which have been distributed world-wide.

ISLE Consultants almost four decades worth of field experience, best practices, home-developed assets and methodologies offer a unique, exhaustive and proven offerings and services portfolio, often extending the very portfolio of many of the major software and hardware manufacturers, and the IT services companies.

ISLE Consultants has proudly established itself over the last decade in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Our immediate markets are the English and French speaking companies of Southern Switzerland and South-East France.