• P.U.L.S. IT
    Pulse your IT
    Reinvent your business
  • Prop IT
    On demand IT resources
    We'll help you get the job done
  • Urban IT
    Urbanisation, standardisation
    For optimal efficiency
  • Lean IT
    Do more with less
  • Shore IT
    Focus on your business
    We'll do the dirty work

Best-of-class professional IT services
at your door

Do more with less, grow your commodity catalogue, discipline your delivery, consolidate your infrastructures

ISLE Puls IT is our consultancy practice service catalogue. It focuses on the core concerns of IT operations in today's Euro zone and in Switzerland.

ISLE Puls IT brings asset-based best practices and business processes to assist our clients and their customers in the difficult but nonetheless recurring task of controlling costs, reducing wastes and time to deliver, while pulsing agility and recover innovation in business expansion.

ISLE Puls IT provides delegation services in Switzerland and in France — consultants, architects, project managers and IT specialists, as well as a near-shoring platform in Serbia that help drive transformations in a world-enabled pluriling and pluricultural operations.

Prop IT

ISLE and the values of rugby

Rugby embodies many of the values that we cherish as a service company in the fascinating world of IT.

Rugby develops leadership, team spirit, courage, sportsmanship, and friendship, and a life long passion for and involvement with the game.

Rugby is unselfish and focused on team play achievement — its rugged nature is balanced by the concepts of fair play, sportsmanship, fun and ultimately mateship.

Rugby engenders an abiding passion, an intensely personal pleasure in playing or watching. It creates an unaffected joy.

At ISLE, the ethos of rugby have shaped our code of behaviour. It's time-honoured legacy guides us in creating a broader professional environment for IT as a whole that engages us and strengthens the ties that bind our staff, our partners and our clients together.

Foundational competencies